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High-pressure water cleaning


High-pressure water cleaning uses stripping and rotation jets
with a working pressure of up to 2800 bar. This enables concrete,
bitumen, paints and surface coverings to be easily striped without
causing any damage to the sub surface.

Depending on the individually set working pressure, water consumption
is between 15 and 25 litres per minute.

Economical operation is guaranteed by simultaneous sucking up of the foul water.
This process also produces no environmental dust.


Removal of bitumen in the base area by high pressure water cleaning

Removal of wall paint

Removal of wall and floor paint containing hazardous materials

Stripping of concrete and exposure of iron support structure
Pfeil Areas of application

Areas of application stripping of

  • Concrete
  • Screed
  • Plaster
  • Surface covering and sealing
  • Wall and ceiling paints
  • Cleaning of various surfaces

In the renovation of

  • Car parks
  • Bridges
  • Swimming pools
  • Facades