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Decontamination of polluted materials


In the field of decontamination of polluted materials, we
remove harmful surface substances in accordance with
the stipulations of TRGS 519.


A specialist milling process means there is no need for a black zone. This enables magnesium screeds containing asbestos, surface coverings containing PAH and oil-polluted concrete floors to be removed easily and rapidly and disposed of properly.


The layered removal process means a considerable reduction in the amount of material
to be disposed of. The low emission levels produced by the procedure enables other
work to be conducted within the building either whilst the job is in progress or immediately afterwards. Subsequent cleaning is not required.


Milling of magnesium screeds containing asbestos


Specialised milling unit operating with a power current of 63 Amp.

Treatment of border areas


Material collection using mobile suction device and subsequent packing in “big bags”
Pfeil Areas of application

Milling and stripping of

  • Concrete
  • Magnesium screeds containing asbestos and adhesives
  • Tar surface coverings and sealing
  • Surfaces containing PAH

Use in the renovation of

  • Industrial and residential buildings
  • Tunnels and bunkers
  • Fire damage
  • Swimming pools