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Dust free milling

Our service provision includes the stripping of complete surfaces
such as concrete, asphalt, screed or surface coatings in car parks,
on bridges and in the field of industrial flooring form as well as
disposal of the materials which have been stripped.


The use of specialist milling machines in conjunction with particularly powerful suction
plants enables work to proceed in a virtually 100% dust free manner in nearly every area.
Besides the layered removal of various kinds of concrete and industrial floorings and construction coverings, it is also possible to mill joints into the surfaces. The width and
depth of the joints are adapted in line with individual requirements. In addition to this, the deployment of particularly sensitive tools enables surface roughness levels of up to
1 – 2 mm to be created.


Milling a concrete floor, milling depth 3 cm

Milling the surface covering in a factory,
milling depth 6 mm

Milling joints into the concrete floor, width
of joint 250 mm, depth of joint 40 mm

Milling the surface covering of a car park
ramp, milling depth 10 mm

Finely milled concrete floor, milling depth
5 mm, surface roughness 2 mm
Electrical operation 100 % free of exhaust emissions  

Pfeil Areas of application

Milling and removal of

  • Concrete
  • Stripping asphalt surfaces / removal of shells
  • Screed
  • Surface coverings and sealing
  • Bitumen
  • Mortar remnants
  • Tiles
  • Steel tiles
  • Plaster

Deployment in the renovation of

  • Industrial floors
  • Car parks
  • Stripping bridge surfaces / removal of shells
  • Industrial and residential buildings