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Shot blasting


Dust free shot peening also provides a particularly fine level of
treatment for sub surfaces. The process allows for the removal of
dividing layers such as concrete slurry, remnants of dirt or adhesive
with low surface roughness. Whilst work is going on, the material to
be removed is sucked up, leaving no residue.

This enables steel, surface coverings or tiles to be cleaned and make ready for the
application of a new surface covering.


Preparation of a concrete floor for the application of a new surface covering

Peening asphalt surfaces

Removal of a surface covering using fine milling and shot peening

Derusting of steel services and preparation for SH 2 1/2


Cleaning of steel tiles
Pfeil Areas of application

Dust free preparation and treatment of

  • Concrete
  • Screed
  • Steel
  • Surface coverings
  • Asphalt
  • Tiles
  • Steel tiles

Areas of application

  • Concrete renovation
  • Car park renovation
  • Bridge renovation
  • Industrial and residential buildings
  • Decontamination of polluted materials